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Alewtina Schuckmann

Alewtina Schuckmann was trained in Cultural and Social Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Art History at the Goethe University Frankfurt on the Main. In her master’s thesis, “Die Rechte der Frau in Marokko – Stand, Entwicklungen und Aussichten am Beispiel der Moudawanna” (“Women’s Rights in Morocco – Current Situation, Developments, and Outlook, Illustrated by the Example of the Moudawanna”), she discussed the content and impact of the Moroccan family law reform. Since 2012 she has been a PhD candidate at the Goethe University’s Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology, writing her dissertation on “Soziale Transformationsprozesse in Marokko – Gender, Medien und Jugend” (“Processes of Social Transformation in Morocco – Gender, Media, and Youth”).

Research Interests
  • Social construction and transformation of gender
  • Gender hierarchies and the discourse on sexuality in societies dominated by Islam
  • Legal reforms and human rights
  • Social movements and commitment to civil society
  • New media
Regional Focus
  • North Africa
  • Morocco

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