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Current Issues

25th International DAVO Congress

Frankfurt/Main, October 4th–6th 2018

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Frankfurter Forschungszentrum Globaler Islam
Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam

Islamism and Islamic fundamentalism are on the rise both in Muslim-dominated states and the Muslim diaspora communities in Europe. This development has the potential to trigger considerable social and political conflict. At the same time, Muslim intellectuals and scholars all over the world are envisioning concepts of an interpretation of Islam that is compatible with democracy, human rights, women’s and children’s rights, as well as with humanist ideals.

The Frankfurter Forschungszentrum Globaler Islam (Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam) is designed as a think tank that subjects these dynamics to scholarly analysis, and specifies their significance with regard to Germany. Combining regional and national perspectives with transnational and global approaches, the center is in a position to establish contexts and connections, and to advise both state and civil-society actors.