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Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient

25th International DAVO Congress

Frankfurt/Main, October 4th–6th 2018

The 25th Annual Congress of DAVO (German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation) combined with the Conference of the Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam (FFGI) “Politics, Religion and Society at the Middle East” takes place at the Cluster of Excellence "Normative Orders" at the Frankfurt University. It is organized by Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter (Director of the FFGI at the Cluster of Excellence “Normative Orders”).


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Call for Proposals

The organizers of the DAVO Congress call upon scholars of all relevant disciplines, who are engaged in research on the contemporary Middle East (and its relations to other regions), to hand in proposals for

Our understanding of the Middle East comprises the member states of the League of Arab States, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, and the Islamic states of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Pre-organized Panels and Individual Papers

Proposals for pre-organized panels and workshops on a common theme with at least three papers to be presented are welcome. The coordinators of such pre-organized panels are also responsible for the quality of the papers and may reject papers with summaries of low quality.

Individual papers will be ordered thematically and summed up into panels. For every paper are 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion planned. Accepted languages of presentation are German and English. Due to the international character of the congress we prefer English contributions. Please hand in proposals for two papers per participant at maximum.

Requirements for the Summaries of Proposed Panels and Papers

Every summary of the proposed papers and panels will be reviewed by two scholars who accept or refuse the proposed contribution according to the following question-based criteria:

In the case of proposals for pre-organized panels the reviewers will examine:

The review of the proposed panels will take into account the academic quality and the coherence of the papers. Please keep the academic standards in mind when you formulate the summary of your paper or pre-organized panel.

Proposals for Open Panels

If you are interested in organizing a panel for this congress and look for paper presenters, you are kindly requested to send the title and summary (up to 100 words) to the general secretary of the congress, Amke Dietert before 18 May 2018.

The call for papers for open panels will then be forwarded via EURAMES and DAVO-Info-Service to more than 6000 scholars who should send their paper proposals directly to the organizer of the specific panel until 9 June 2018.

Panels for Current Research Projects by Advanced Students and PhD Candidates

Advanced students and PhD candidates who are members of DAVO have the chance to present their current research projects for a MA-Thesis or a dissertation in special panels. The discussions are intended to provide additional ideas and concepts for the improvement of the current research work of young members of the German Middle East Studies Association. For further information see here.



€ 65.00 Full DAVO Members
€ 35.00 Student Members
€ 85.00 Non-Members
Free for students and staff of the Frankfurt University

Please note that there is an additional late-registration fee of € 20.00 for registrations after August 15th. Information on DAVO membership application.


Please use the forms on this page for the registration of papers and panels, and also for the registration of your participation during the conference.

Sign-up for participation
Register contributions

Papers are invited for special open panels. To present a paper in these panels please send your abstracts (up to 300 words) to the panel convener(s) and to Amke Dietert (amke.dietert at before 29 June 2018.


For registration of your contributions to the congress or any further questions please contact:

Frau Amke Dietert
Carl-Cohn-Straße 73
22297 Hamburg
Tel.: 0049 40 5133671
E-Mail: amke.dietert@

Getting there

Campus Map


Please look for your accommodation in Frankfurt as soon as possible. Exclusive DAVO-Reservations at the Advena Motel Frankfurt (ask for the special DAVO booking fee):

October 4–5, single € 74.00, double € 94.00
Breakfast, parking and wi-fi included

October 5–6, single € 60.00, double € 80.00
Breakfast, parking and wi-fi included