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The young wild ones of the ummah. Heroic gender constructs in jihadism

by Susanne Schröter, 2015

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The Humanitarian/Military Practice of Intervention against the “Islamic State” and Germany’s Perspective on its Own Range of Capabilities

by Philipp Fritz, November 2015

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Islamism – The Unknown Enemy

by Susanne Schröter, August 8th 2015

“We do not know enough about Islamism – that’s why we are unable to find an antidote against it. Susanne Schröter, an expert on Islam, explains strategies of prevention. […]”

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Tunisia: Democratic State and Terrorist Challenge – The Sousse Attack

by Sonia Zayed, June 30th 2015

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Bloodshed in the Month of Ramadan, or the Transnational Dimension of Jihadism

by Susanne Schröter, June 30th 2015

“[...] Here in these parts, there is a tendency to attribute the radicalization of young Muslims to experiences of discrimination, Islamophobia, and socioeconomic marginalization. That is, the blame is not put on the perpetrators but on society. Viewed from a global perspective, the bloody Friday of the 2015 Ramadan shows that such patterns of explanation are at odds with reality [...]”

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Radicalization – An Assessment

by Marwan Abou Taam, June 2015

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The Rhine-Main Area as a Base of Salafist-Jihadist Operations

by Susanne Schröter, May 8th 2015

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Frustrated Romance

by Susanne Schröter, March 7th 2015

Muslimas join the jihad as rebels, only to end up as prostitutes. Download the full article (PDF).

A Jihadist Assault in Tunisia – Attack on the Bardo Palace

by Sonia Zayed

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The Short Life of the “Lions”

by Susanne Schröter, October 7th 2014

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What are the Chances of Islamic Feminism?

by Susanne Schröter, November 21st 2011

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