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Jan Ilhan Kizilhan

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jan Ilhan Kizilhan
Professor für Soziale Arbeit
Fakultät für Sozialwesen
Leiter des Institute for Transcultural Health Science - Institut für transkulturelle Gesundheitsforschung
Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg

Jan Ilhan Kizilhan, Prof. Dr. Dr., Director of the Institute for Transcultural Health Science, Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg, Dean of the Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychotraumatology, University of Duhok, northern Iraq, Head of the transcultural and psychosomatic department, Mediclin-Clinic Donaueschingen, Germany.

Kizilhan is psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, orientalist, author and editor. Kizilhan studied psychology, oriental studies and sociology in Germany and the USA. Kizilhan has been working for 20 years with war-traumatised people in Germany and abroad, training armed forces in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in trauma and SGBV and developing concepts in Germany and abroad for trauma treatment and violence prevention (domestic violence, structural violence, political violence, terror and war). He teaches at the University of Bern in Switzerland, Saarland University Hospital, University of Tübingen.

His main areas of research are: Psychotraumatology, transcultural psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, transcultural health research, terrorism and radicalization. He published more than 25 book and more than 120 researches in international journals and is awarded many times nationally and internationally for his work.


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