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Gunnar Stange

Dr. Gunnar Stange did his master’s degree in International Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. His master’s thesis was on “Islamistischer Terrorismus vor dem Hintergrund der Demokratisierung in Indonesien” (“Islamist Terrorism against the Backdrop of Democratization in Indonesia”). After graduation he was active, both as a staff member and advisor, in various projects and organizations of German Development Cooperation in Indonesia and Mozambique. For his dissertation, he worked on processes of identity formation and political transformation in Aceh, Indonesia, in the wake of a thirty-year armed conflict. His current research project is on political organizations beyond the state in Aceh, Indonesia, and Mindanao, the Philippines.

Research Interests
  • Models of collective identity
  • Peace and conflict research, with a special focus on the transformation of resistance and liberation movements
  • Politicization of religion
  • Non-statehood and anti-statehood
  • Applied cultural and social anthropology
  • Private sector development, monitoring and evaluation in development cooperation
  • Development communication
Regional Focus
  • Southeast Asia, with a special focus on Indonesia and the Philippines

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